Engage The Vision movement is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that accomplishes the following:

  • Encourages and empowers our youth through consistent weekly mentoring
  • Educates and liberates, inner city boys and their families to reach their highest potential
  • Builds strong, effective, self-sufficient and safe communities for everyone to be uplifted (classrooms, schools, town/state/country and globally)


  • Enrich our children and our communities through an abundant outpouring of love and resources flowing from our valued network of partners
  • Perpetually operate with grace, acceptance, generosity, forgiveness and love
  • Respect and support each other’s individual path and identity and combining our gifts for a synergy of progressive greatness
  • Establish our ETV mentorship program in as many schools around the world
  • We are equal and in this together


  • Provide positive relationships with caring, responsible, and professional adults
  • Provide a framework for positive future growth, healthy, balanced relationships and excellent decision-making skills
  • Help develop effective problem solving skills, crisis management abilities and effective communications skills
  • Help an individual develop and execute in excellence his/her own vision for the future
  • Encourage individuals to develop their skills, abilities and talents to their fullest potential
  • Help students understand the importance of “legacy”, and create opportunities for them pass on the knowledge and wisdom they receive to their cohorts and the next generation
  • The provision of physical education, nutritional, martial arts, yoga, sports training and other body health conscious classes that aid in the reduction of child and adult obesity in the United States

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Phone: 818-208-0566

Email: info@engagethevision.org